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Administrative divisions

Below you find a list of all administrative divisions used in the API and what they represent in each country.

adm1Län (county)Fylke (county)Maakunta (county)Region (region)
adm2Kommun (municipality)Kommune (municipality)Kunta (municipality)Kommune (municipality)
adm3Församling (parish)Sogn (parish)N/ASogne (parish)
adm4Distrikt (district)N/ASeutukunta (district)N/A
adm5Församling 2015 (parish 2015)N/AN/AN/A

Address types

Below you find a list of all address type codes that can be used as a value in the address_type parameter.

NALocation address - General
NBLocation address - City
NCLocation address - Rural
BAPO Box address - General
BBPO Box address - Main operator
BCPO Box address - Other operator
BDLarge customer address - Organisation with their own postal code
BEPO Box address - Package dispenser
AAAdministrative address - General
ABAdministrative address - Internal address
ACAdministrative address - Competition mail (tävlingspost)
ADAdministrative address - Reply mail (svarspost/frisvar/svarsförsändelser)
XXAny other address that has not been classified

Response codes

General status codes

300Multiple suggestions
302Single match
303See additional response objects
400Bad request
404Not found
501Internal error

Validate address address status codes

11Address is correct
12Address is incorrect - address has been corrected
13Address is incorrect - no suggestions could be found
14Address is incorrect - alternative suggestions
15Address is partly incorrect - address had minor errors that were corrected
16Address is incorrect - Too many suggestions to display
131Number of suggestions are too many to display
200Street address is missing
201Unknown format for the street address
202Street address had misspellings, errors or was incorrect
203Street address contains abbreviations
204Street address had minor errors that were corrected
208Street address is a post office box
209Both street address and post office box address included in the same field
298Street address is OK with strict check
299Street address is OK
250Missing street number
251Invalid format for the street number
252Incorrect street number
253Street number not applicable on the given address
256Postal box address was missing a postal box number
257Postal box address had a postal box number we couldn't validate
258Couldn't validate postal box address
259Street number is OK
260Missing letter in the street number
261Unknown format for letter in street number
262Incorrect letter in street number
263Letter not applicable on the street number for the given address
269Letter in the street number are OK
270Secondary street number is missing
271Unknown format for the secondary street number
272Incorrect secondary street number
273Secondary street number cannot be applied to the given address
279Secondary street number is OK
280Floor/entry missing
281Unknown format for floor/entry
282Incorrect floor/entry
283Floor/entry inapplicable for given address
289Floor/entry OK
300Postal code is missing
301Unknown format for the postal code
302Postal code is incorrect
306Postal code is incomplete
307Customer specific postal code
308Postal code includes country prefix
399Postal code is OK
400Locality is missing
401Unknown format for locality
402Incorrect locality
403Locality had abbreviations
404Locality had minor errors that were corrected
499Locality is OK
503Street address does not exist in the given postal code
504Street address does not exist in the given locality
505Street address does not exist in neither given locality nor postal code
512Postal code does not exist in the given locality
513Street address exists in the given postal code
514Street address exists in the given locality
515Street address exists in both given postal code and locality
522Postal code exists in the given locality
613Historical change